How it Works

MyMailout’s email newsletter service is best explained as consisting of four parts. We empower you to:

  1. Create rich, graphical, HTML email newsletters and promotions. You can build a newsletter by simply filling in the blanks using our newsletter template or you can design your own HTML email. All of this is done through your web browser, without downloading any software. more…
  2. Send We send the newsletter for you through our powerful email servers. more…]
  3. Manage the requests to subscribe and unsubscribe to your newsletter as well as the bounced emails when your clients email addresses have changed. more…
  4. Report everything your subscribers do with your newsletter – from opening it to which articles they click on. more…

1. Create

Set up your profile and preferences

  • Select your colors and fonts to match your branding and give us your logo.
  • Give us the email address you want people to reply to.
  • Enter the name and contact information of your list manager (the person responsible for managing your campaign).

Build your newsletters

  • To create an Issue of your newsletter, first select a template that matches the layout you desire. The logo and colors that chose in your profile will automatically be applied to the template. If our templates don’t suit your needs, we can build a template for you.
  • For each article in the Issue, enter the Title, a short Teaser and either the Full Text or a link to a Web Page (this web page can be any thing anywhere you want) and add it to your newsletter.
  • We assemble your articles within the layout you have chosen and create the links to either the full text or the Web Page you have entered. If it is a link to the Full Text that you have entered, we will create a web page where the Full Text will reside. That way your readers can quickly scan the Titles and Teasers of your web page and click to read the ones that interest them.
  • Not only will your newsletters be sent in the rich HTML format you’ve selected but people with older email programs (a minority of email users) will be able to read them as text-only.

Enter your list of email addresses.

  • Send us a file from Excel, Outlook or whatever or type them in manually.
  • Just like when you give us your credit card, when you send us your mailing list, it is over a secure connection (SSL). We keep your list safe on our servers which are locked down tightly (both on the Internet and in the real world), and backed up regularly.
  • Along with the email address, you can store the person’s name, city, state/province, country and/or *any other information you desire in user-defined fields.

2. Send

  • After sending a proof to yourself, send your newsletters with the click of a button or, *schedule them to be sent later.
  • Our powerful servers and high speed Internet connection distribute your newsletters in a flash.

3. Manage


  • We enable you to let new subscribers add themselves to your list through your web page or a web page we create for you.

Regular maintenance

  • We archive your newsletters and articles.
  • *We allow you to back up your mailing list to your own computer as well as ours (we can disable this feature upon request)


Create reports

  • View reports of how many emails were read and how many bounced, which articles were read and by whom, new subscribers that have been added to the list, and more.