About MyMailout

We’re email people.

At MyMailout we are passionate about email. Not just because it so cool to send messages to people over the Internet but because it’s so cool to connect with people – lot’s of people – and build relationships with them over the Internet.

MyMailout is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and we have customers around the world. MyMailout came into existence when Gregg Oldring (our President and founder) decided to create a web based email newsletter tool after recognizing the need for one while running his previous business. Gregg had started a web-based advertising business back in 1995 and used email newsletters as an important part of it. After selling that company he took his experience (and frustrations) from running an email newsletter of his own and together with his long time friend and business partner, Mike Bridge built MyMailout.

The MyMailout service you see today is the second iteration of our do-it-yourself email marketing service. In addition to MyMailout which serves a broad spectrum of customers, we have developed email marketing services that serve specific markets including financial advisors, and independent/starving musicians and artists AND we have created a professional email marketing service, Industry Mailout a step beyond do-it-yourself marketing campaigns. It provides one-on-one consultations with experts to help create customized professional email solutions.

Gregg is a seasoned email marketing and Internet marketing veteran and a very fine presenter as well. Gregg is available for interviews and speaking engagements by appointment. Please contact us if you wish to learn more about MyMailout.